The Best Video Platforms to Conduct Virtual Interviews

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many companies to adopt remote systems for their operational and recruitment needs. As a result, finding the right virtual interview platform has become a sudden priority at many organizations. 

Choosing the right software is critical for keeping your hiring process on track during the COVID-19 emergency. However, the impact of the decision won’t end there. Remote hiring is a growing trend generally, and the coronavirus crisis will likely provide the impetus for another wave of adoption. 

There is plenty of evidence that video interviewing provides significant benefits compared to in-person varieties. Hiring managers look for the products to lower costs and reduce the time needed to fill positions. Some studies even suggest that majority of candidates prefer video interviews. 

Taking advantage of this trend involves having the right platform. The decision is complicated by the sheer volume of competitors in the video interview space. Dozens of companies vie for customers in the industry. It can lead to a protracted and confusing process. 

We’re here to help. We’ve compared offerings and consulted online reviews to narrow the field down to the essential offerings.

Here’s the result, the top video platforms to conduct virtual interviews: 


One of the first video interview platforms, with a client list that includes Samsung and KraftHeinz, VidCruiter offers a suite of products to streamline the hiring process. Along with its video platform, it offers products to filter and rank candidates, as well as a tool to improve the reference-checking process. 


Based in Sydney, Australia, and Tel Aviv, Israel, MyInterview has built a reputation on its ability to plug into existing applications. Its easy-to-install platform can be added to your current setup through the use of a widget. The company also offers a tool that uses AI to rate interview responses based on various categories. Clients include the jewelry store chain Pandora. 

Spark Hire 

Founded in 2012, Spark Hire has one of the largest footprints in the industry, with a customer base of over 5,000 clientsIts offerings include its flagship interviewing platform, along with scheduling software and an outbound video messaging tool. The Spark Hire program can be integrated into third-party tracking systems and productivity apps as well. Its list of clients includes Volkswagen, IKEA, and the U.S. Postal Service. 


Originally founded in 2002 under the brand RezFusion, and merged into RIVS in 2016, interviewstream has a well-established niche in the educational space. It boasts school districts and universities among its clients and offers products dedicated to the market. For instance, the company provides prep services, such as mock interviews, to help students enter the workforce. The firm also has a robust enterprise space as well, with Fortune 500 clients and relationships with ADP and Oracle. 


Founded in 2004, HireVue represents one of the longest-established names in the interview software space. The company provides video interview software and AI-powered candidate evaluation tools (including game-based assessments). HireVue has a global reach, with availability in 30 languages, and customers like Vodafone, Honeywell, and Carnival Cruise Lines. 

Choosing the right virtual interviewing tool can help bring your hiring program to the next level. Another way to improve your ability to assemble the best team? Working with a strong recruiting partner. A top-flight staffing agency, like SmartTalent, can ensure that you draw the best talent possible. 

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